Custom Studies

A key focus of Hay Research is custom research -- projects which require a custom solution. These assignments often call for specialized skills in research design and analysis, skills which many companies offering mainly off-the-shelf approaches may not provide. 

A sampling of our work includes: 

Brand Equity Research for a Major North American Stock Exchange

This research was used to guide branding and communications strategies across North America for this major exchange as it evolved into a publicly-held company.  Involving many stakeholders, this multi-faceted project made it clear that a stock exchange was a brand like any other and, perhaps surprisingly, one with a heart too.  

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A Major Retailer Seeking to Understand What Men Want

This retailer wanted to know much more about their most important customer – Canadian males.

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Brand Equity Research for a Large Mutual Fund Company Merging With Another

The key objective here was to determine the nature and scope of the brand equity of each of the constituent companies in order to guide decision-making relating to 1) branding and 2), the merging of two quite different corporate cultures.  

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A Large Hospital Complex Wanted to Upgrade Its Image

This hospital wanted to refresh and expand its image among stakeholders and potential donors and all Ontarians.

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