Case Studies

CFOs Test Advertising


Are CFOs in mid-cap companies different from the rest of us? When it comes to advertising they most certainly are.

A major investment bank was about to embark on an initiative designed to dramatically increase its profile among North American and European CFOs and Institutional Investors. But how to get the attention of this rather exclusive club -- CFOs in mid-cap companies listed on major exchanges? Would readers of the Economist and the Wall Street Journal take notice of what they had to say? Was there a secret about how to get into their hearts and minds?

The Solution

Working through a trusted partner (Q.Quest), Hay Research International first developed a meticulous, online survey designed just for this special group. But how to get them to complete it? Our field staff developed a carefully-worked out plan of telephone contact and email follow-up. This plan was ultimately successful in recruiting 50 of America's top CFOs and Treasurers.

Results showed that CFOs' reaction to the advertising was not at all what we had expected. Understandably, the recent financial meltdown was a factor. Surprisingly, they stayed online for up to 30 minutes with us as they evaluated advertising from many of world's top investment banks (including our client's).

No question. This investment bank ultimately took a very different approach in their advertising than they otherwise might have done.

The ad campaign is now doing its job, building awareness for this truly world-class investment organization in capital markets across Europe and America. 


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