"Throughout out many projects together, I have found Al and his team to be thoroughly professional in all aspects of our dealings. That is to be expected. But what makes our partnership so valuable is that his team can always be counted on to go beyond what you expect. They make a point of getting to the very heart of the issues and clearly possess the analytical techniques, research skill and marketing experience to do this in an exemplary way. You always get an exceptional research product from them."

Peter Blakely
President, Blakely & Associates

"Al and his team are researchers with pure methods and strategic minds. They have brought depth and thoroughness to all the work we have done over the years, regardless of the methodology and analytic complexity. They do this with customized and compelling approaches that tap into the unique issues and contexts of the initiative in question. All this and on time and on budget too! What more could you ask from a research partner?"

Catherine Dine
President, Dine & Associates

"Al, just wanted to thank you, Rob and your team for the great work for our recent People magazine project. You guys were effortless to work with from beginning to end and certainly made my life easier throughout the entire project. Aside from your strong execution of the project, I really felt like I was working with strategic partners that helped contribute substantially to the overall client solution that was created out of the research. Thanks gain. We’ll definitely work together again... soon."

Craig Kowalchuk
Principal, Twenty-Ten Inc.

"Al Hay and his team were great. They worked hard to understand my business and were passionate and engaged on refining the research methodology. The project was managed to a tight timeline and budget and the end results exceeded my expectations. The quality of the data and the refined analysis not only uncovered actionable insights, but also presented them in such a way that they were easy to understand and sell throughout our organization. I am very grateful for their help and look forward to working with them again in the future."

Alex Green
Vice President, Marketing
Panago Pizza Inc.