MarketRESET™ --
Brand Positioning and Market Model

MarketRESET ™ offers the most complete system yet for identifying new strategic positioning and executional opportunities for your brand. It offers a 360 degree look at your market, your brand and the competition but goes a step farther than other systems by emphasizing the full range of emotional and rational factors in play. It captures factors which other systems only partially or incompletely capture.

As we know, advances in neuroscience and evolutionary psychology are making it clearer than ever before that decision-making, while governed by rational processes, is also importantly influenced by adaptive mental processes operating below the level of consciousness. MarketRESET ™ recognizes this important fact in three ways:

  • MarketRESET™ recognizes this difference in its approach to measurement. On the one hand, rational criteria involve the processing of information and trade-offs, the weighing of one benefit against another. Emotional effects, on the other hand, are mainly associational and must be captured this way.
  • Second, MarketRESET ™ recognizes the limitations of traditional methods for capturing emotion on-line and champions the use of new projective techniques and images to enhance respondent engagement and extend the range of questioning.
  • Finally, MarketRESET ™ recognizes the many different ways in which emotion is evoked by a brand incorporating these into its measurements (see below).
The Rational Pathway – 'Brand Preference'

We distinguish between the rational pathway ('Brand Preference') and the emotional pathway ('Brand Affinity'). MarketRESET ™ first examines all the 'rational' elements affecting brand choice. Depending on the brand, these might involve: product features, packaging, awareness and knowledge, pricing, promotions, product selection, product quality and so on and the many sub-components of these. (Typically a minimum of 30+ areas are measured here.)

As part of its assessment, MarketRESET also examines how individuals trade-off these core brand purchase criteria using choice-based modeling. This is an important step in our determination of importance. A key element of this analysis is how people trade-off brands – how sensitive they are to the substitution of one brand name for another.

The Emotional Pathway – 'Brand Affinity'

MarketRESET ™ pays equal attention to the measurement of emotional areas and their sub-components. Its system of identification employs images, projective techniques and checklists. The latest on-line engagement techniques are used to more authentically capture the associational character of emotional effects. These areas typically involve:

  • Brand personality. Short projective images or phrases to capture
    perceptions of the character of the brand
  • Brand reputation. The brand's level of authority or expertise
    (typical brand equity and image areas.)
  • Feelings activation. For example, the feelings activated by the store
    experience itself or by the actual consumption or use of a brand.
  • Customer identification. This measures the level of identification with
    the individuals the brand or store is perceived to be attracting or targeting.
    (Is there the right buzz around the brand?)
  • Relationship Activation. The type or level of bonding triggered by a
    service experience or other touch-points with the brand.
In Sum

MarketRESET ™ analyzes rational and emotional effects in the most complete way yet. These in turn identify distinctive opportunities for the brand on these two fronts. Is the brand losing share because of its hard offerings (such as its product features and pricing) or because of waning affinity/relevancy with a particular target group? MarketRESET™ can tell you which. By drilling downing into the sub-components of each of these areas – brand preference and brand affinity in a comprehensive way– MarketRESET ™ can determine the most promising new avenues of opportunity for a brand relative to its competition.

Combining the best of both worlds -- rigorous modeling with a 360 degree assessment of a brand's emotional dimensionality -- MarketRESET ™ provides brand groups with a significant new opportunity for brand-building. It is ideally suited to the understanding of segments of consumers, showing how aspects of product delivery or brand affinity/ relevancy may critically differ by target group.