Know the Values That Matter Most

Today, we are all challenged to find new emotional links, new ways to connect and communicate with customers and clients. Usually, we do this by looking at what a brand offers and then explore, typically through research, how these features connect to values. 

The problem is that we often don't know what these higher-order "values" really are.

Identities™ is a resource that can truly help deliver a new level of customer understanding. What could be more important than understanding what is most important in your customers' lives?

Canadians have been profiled on 77 areas that most matter in their lives. This extensive research allows you to see more deeply than ever before into the minds and hearts of Canadians. What results are differences among Canadians in terms of their value-priorities – how they trade-off those values that define their identity. This value-priorities approach has much in common with the Schwartz Values System used in many countries in Europe and elsewhere.

You'll come to see the power of Identities™. It derives from the fact that, as individuals, we define ourselves by what matters most to us. Placing your brand in this context can potentially renew its relevancy to your target group, by helping you touch on the things that matter most.