Custom Studies

These days, many research houses specialize in just one or a few areas and have limited exposure to general research issues. At Hay Research International, more than half our work is custom. Our people have designed and executed hundreds of custom research studies, that is, studies designed around a client's own special needs and objectives. We pride ourselves on our ability to marshal the creative skills, appropriate techniques and innovative designs required to solve most custom research problems.

Today, a surprising number of research projects require a custom solution. That is, they fall ‘between the cracks' of the existing research products available. These research problems often call upon research design skills that many researchers, trained only in the particular product approaches offered by their own organizations, do not possess. Sometimes a "big, small company" – with a big company's skills and a small company's attitude – can really help.

For example, a leading pizza company recently wanted to understand why its sales were flat in a certain region. In another case, a large newspaper wanted to know why certain subscribers just ‘stopped' subscribing. In still another, a not-for-profit needed to understand the attitudes of Ontarians toward mental illness. In all these situations, we used our years of experience in a broad variety of sectors to design unique solutions.

Our goal is always, in some fashion, to reset your customer understanding. That means not just adding to the information you already have, but giving you a whole new understanding of what your customers want and need. We pride ourselves on our ability to marshal the appropriate techniques and statistical skills together with the creativity and innovative designs required to solve most research problems. Here are a few recent examples from a variety of sectors:

  • Brand Equity research for a major North American stock exchange. This research was used to help guide branding and communications strategies across North America as this exchange moved to becoming a publicly held company. With many stakeholders, this multi-faceted project demonstrated that a stock exchange can have heart too. (See case study)
  • Customer satisfaction research for a large credit card issuer conducted over a ten year period. This research program continues to be a mainstay for this card issuer, producing new insights each year into what drives cardholder loyalty and value perceptions and how to maintain these based on a very efficient methodology.
  • Brand Equity research for a large mutual fund company merging with another. A key objective here was to determine the nature and scope of the brand equity of each of the merging companies in order to guide decisions related to branding, naming, the merging of two corporate cultures and so on. (See case study)
  • An American Charity Needed to Understand Their Donors.  This charity relied upon a base of donors who were committed to them, but it had little or no information on its donors and what their charity priorities were.