Advanced Analytics

Hay Research International offers a full range of multivariate statistical services including advanced analytics and structural equation modeling. These services are offered in conjunction with our consulting services.

We also offer perhaps the most sophisticated and flexible conjoint technique available in the world today – Adaptive, Choice-Based Conjoint measurement from Sawtooth Software. In this new system, up to 12 attributes (with many levels within each attribute) can be traded-off in a way that adapts to a respondent's specific needs. And the exercise is highly user-friendly.

The multivariate procedures listed below are employed as appropriate to solve business and marketing problems. These include:

Modeling and Analytical Methods
  1. Correlation and
    Regression Analyses
  2. Structural Equation Models
  3. Factor Analysis
  4. Correspondence Analysis
  5. Regression analysis
  6. Automatic Interaction Detection
  1. Cluster Analysis
  2. Discrimant Analysis
  3. Conjoint Analysis (SPSS)
  4. Adaptive Choice Based Conjoint (Sawtooth Technologies)
  5. Logistic Regression
  6. Analysis of Variance
  7. Multidimensional Scaling