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Fresh pathways to growth through… deeper client understanding.


‘Client-ology’: Strategic Research & Segmentation Systems

Understanding how your brand fits into the marketplace depends on possessing extensive knowledge of category and brand usage & attitudes plus taking a segmented approach to your market.

Your brand has particular appeals for particular people. We use powerful segmentation techniques to analyze your market in illuminating ways. You can rely on us to offer you deeper client understanding.

‘Client-ology’ is a 360 degree look at brands, the market and people. We transform numbers into people by searching for the motivations behind the numbers. Often we do this with the help of ‘Identities’ (see below) .

Some aspects of your market that our Client-ology Segmentation and U&A Systems read:

  • Category attitudes
  • Product occasions
  • Product purchase cycle
  • Brands purchased and frequency
  • Brand imagery, equity and loyalty
  • Category habits and practices
  • Market size
  • Pastimes and demographics
  • Self-perceptions
  • Life-attitudes
  • Media habits
  • More

Build customer satisfaction... see 'neighbors' not 'numbers'.

Building Brand Equity through Loyalty

Our Tailored Approach to Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Reveal the critical drivers of Loyalty. Take a 360 degree look at brand touch-points. Model the rational and emotional aspects of service using advanced techniques. Set and apply service standards.

Examples of recent projects:

  • 4,000 credit card respondents
  • B2B call center contact research
  • 300 Hospital CEOs and senior execs
  • 5,000 association members

From 'Numbers' to 'Neighbors'

‘Identities’: Bringing 'Customers' to Life

When we know our customers just through one product category we don’t really get to know them.

Identities is a system that helps you see your customer holistically, as a person. What underlying life-goals and values define his or her choices in your category? Career, money, family, having fun, serving others, surviving, rebelling? 

Identities helps you understand why your customers make the brand choices they do.

Understand your customer as a ‘neighbor’ not a ‘number.’

Prevent customer defection... Prove your ad’s effectiveness.

Preventing Defection

Canada’s Experts on Defection and Switching

What happens when loyalty breaks down? Come to Canada’s experts in defection and switching. Talk to the experts in Root Cause Analyses, Links to Profitability, Rational and Underlying Motivators, Critical Influencers and more.

Examples of recent projects:

  • 3,000 defectors across full product range
  • 3500 switchers in financial services conducted
    biannually for last 15 years
  • 800 mortgage non-renewers.
  • Consumer and B2B.

Advertising with Proven Effectiveness

Add+Impact® -- The World-Class ad
technique that measures emotion

Used by major advertisers worldwide in over 40 countries and available in Canada through Hay Research. Add+Impact® is a quali-quant technique that is flexible, diagnostic and adaptable. Affordable for testing multiple ad approaches, TV, print, radio, animatics and total campaigns.

6,000 tests in database Standards developed for all categories

Select and optimize and.. keep employees engaged.

Feature Optimization

World’s Most Advanced System

Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Measurement* is unrivalled in its power to detect the feature combinations that most attract. Actually adapts to the respondent in the course of the interview. Select from many attributes and many features. Ideal for pricing research. Segment consumers on their actual behavior.

Leading edge, friendly and state-of-the art

Examples of recent projects:

  • 600 credit card holders
  • 1600 consumer goods purchasers

Keeping employees engaged and loyal

Hay Research’s Unique Employee Surveys

Loyalty drivers, segmentation, at-risk analyses, importance of communications, vertical communications, response to C-suite.

Sample recent project: 

  • 7,000 surveys across 50,000 + employees in 6 divisions, U.S., Canada, Europe and Central America.

Advances in Data Collection Quality from Hay Research

Obtaining Quality Online Panel Data

The Accu-Panel Check System
Combining the Best in Online Panels with the Accuracy of Telephone

Many in the research industry have been asking tough questions about online panels recently. How representative are they? How engaged are the respondents?

At Hay Research, we have developed the “Accu-Panel Check System”.  We employ a three-pronged approach to ensure the highest online data quality for your research projects.

  • Our 50 station CATI center checks the accuracy of key study statistics and verifies key data through RDD sampling.
  • Our panel suppliers pass OUR consistency check system. This includes both soft and hard consistency checks (in addition to the supplier’s own).
  • We employ trusted online panel suppliers only. We shop around to get the very best for you.

Want a customer online survey?

You don't have email addresses?

We Have a Solution!

You may be interested in the proven solution we have developed.

This solution is non-intrusive and produces good levels of response. 

It respects your customers’ privacy and let’s them choose whether they wish to participate or not.

Hay Research has been providing
‘deeper client understanding’ to major organizations
in Canada and the U.S. for over 20 years.

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