Hay Research News

05/29 - 2012

Hay Research International is thrilled to introduce the Hay Research Store!
What's in the Hay Research Store? All the research tools and expertise you might need to develop a deeper understanding of your clients, your prospects, your market and your business. Inside you'll find solutions to measure and build customer loyalty, reduce defection, attract new segments of clients, test your ads, and much much more. What you won't find is a cookie-cutter approach to research - everything in our store is custom-build for our clients needs. Click here to learn more.

04/19 - 2012

HRI's Financial Services Switching Study product modules are now available
We're pleased to announce the release of all 8 Financial Switching Study product modules. These comprehensive reports detail switching patterns and motivations on 8 specific product types, from deposit accounts to credit cards to mortgages, and with a focus on critical specific product sub-types - cash back credit cards and premium travel rewards cards, fixed mortgages versus variable mortgages, and more.

New this year, our TFSA module can help you understand why Canadians switch TFSAs and what financial institutions need to do to attract and retain TFSA switchers.
02/17 - 2012

HRI's Financial Services Switching Study is available now
Providing insights into why Canadians switch, the Full Market Report presents an overview of switching in the Canadian marketplace and what you can do to attract more switchers and prevent your own client from switching to another financial institution. This year features a focus on TFSAs and their impact on switching, switcher segmentation and our largest sample size yet.

Click here to read more about this research and how it has helped guide strategy at Canada's largest banks, and don't hesitate to contact us to learn how the Switching Study can work for you.

03/04 - 2011

Switching Dynamics – The Study of Canadian Retail Switching, is available now
We're pleased to announce the launch of Switching Dynamics, our one-of-a-kind study of switching in the Canadian retail sector. HRI has defined the market in financial services switching research, and now we bring this expertise to the exciting, fast-paced world of retail. The study examines switching in 8 different retail categories, including grocery, quick service restaurants, department stores and hardware, and helps marketers understand why shoppers switch loyalties from one retailer to another. In any single retail category, 5% to 15% of consumers switch the retailer they go to most often in a typical 3 month period. These are actual shifts in loyalty, which ultimately affect a retailer's bottom line. Ask us about retail switching and how Switching Dynamics can help you attract more and lose fewer of your valuable and (usually) loyal customers, or click here to learn more.

03/03 - 2011

Financial Service Switching 2011 is coming….
The much anticipated 2011 instalment of our Canadian Financial Services Switching Study is in the works. The standard in financial services switching research for over 15 years, this year's study is shaping up to be our best yet. Keep coming back to hayresearch.com for news and updates, and don't forget to contact us to let us know what you'd like to see most in this year's study. Click here to read more about this ground-breaking research and how it has helped guide strategy at Canada's largest banks.

03/01 - 2011

hayresearch.com official relaunch
We're proud to announce the official relaunch of our online home, www.hayresearch.com. Not just a paint & paper job, we've rebuilt our site from the ground up to make it more accessible and easier to use. You'll find more information on what we do (and what we can do for you), how we do it, and what makes Hay Research International the big, small research company that's just the right size for nearly any study.

We've added a few fun little features too. Check out our Ask a Question tool, where you can pick out brains about research topics, or just request a quote and we can get the ball rolling on your next study. And coming soon – educational materials and research tools for those new to the trade (or those enrolled in Al's Fundamentals of Marketing Research course at UTSC).  We're also introducing the Hay Research Blog, where you'll find information on new product releases, updates, and events, and other generally interesting stuff about marketing research and related topics.

So take a few minutes to click around our new site, and come back again soon to see what's new at Hay Research International.