Who We Are

At Hay Research International we use research to take you to a whole new level of customer understanding. We have the products, design skills, analytical tools and sensitivity to both rational and unconscious factors to deliver breakthroughs in insight. We can help you reset your customer understanding to reveal a whole new world of strategic possibility. We use research to help drill down to the concrete actions necessary to realize these new opportunities.

Big Picture Research

We are experts in big picture research: segmentation, customer loyalty and satisfaction, brand health and positioning research, on either an ad hoc or on-going (tracking) basis. We get right to the emotional heart of what motivates people to act, coupling this with sophisticated analytical tools to capture the full range of human motivation. We seek a holistic and strategic perspective on your business and deliver some of Canada's most sophisticated research product. Our sector expertise encompasses financial services, retail, packaged goods, investments, business-to-business and not-for-profits.

A Big, Small Company

We think of ourselves as a big, small company. We have a big company's skills, with a small company's size and heart. When it comes to flexibility and client attention, we're there for you.

2010 Award Winner

We are proud to have been part of the research team winning the MRIA's 2010, Best-in-Class Research Award (for Canadian Tire, working with Dine & Associates).