A Whole New Level of Customer Understanding

Our goal at Hay Research International is to reset your customer understanding. By this we mean not just adding to the information you already have but helping you to understand your customers in a whole new way.

We offer a suite of techniques, products and approaches to help take you there, including:

MarketRESET™ -
Brand Opportunities and Positioning

The most complete system yet for identifying new strategic positioning and executional opportunities for your brand in the market today. It offers a 360 degree look at your market, your brand and the competition, and goes a step farther than other systems by emphasizing the full range of emotional and rational factors in play.

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Revealing the Values That Matter Most

This extensive research allows you to see more deeply than ever before into the hearts and minds of Canadians. We have profiled Canadians on 77 areas that most matter in their lives. What results are differences among Canadians in terms of their value-priorities – the values that most define their identities. What is most important in life to your customers? How are they different from the competition?

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A Whole New Class of Marketing Information
for the Retail Marketer

Canada is a nation of switchers! Between 5% and 15% of consumers switch the retailer they go to most often in any particular retail sector in a typical 3 month period. These are actual shifts in loyalty.

Switching Dynamics from Hay Research International is a new large-sample, quarterly study of retail switching in Canada. Each study involves over 4000 switchers. Between 500 and 1000 switchers in each of 8 retail sectors are examined yielding switching information for over 50 of Canada's largest retailers. These sectors include: Hardware stores, Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, Department Stores, Fast Food, Coffee Shops and Cell Phones.

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Reset Your Customer Understanding with
Custom Designed Research

At Hay Research International, more than half our work is custom. Our people have designed and executed hundreds of custom research studies. We pride ourselves on our ability to marshal the creative skills, appropriate techniques and innovative designs required to solve most custom research problems.

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