Thought Leadership

Hay Research International has paved the way in a number of research areas in Canada. In the early 90s, we launched Canada’s first study of switching in personal financial services, a study that is still going strong two decades later. Last year we expanded our investigation of switching to Canadian retail. Our Switching DynamicsTM Reports examine switching flows and motivations for switching among 40 key retail brands across eight retail categories.

We have also pioneered the investigation of the role that emotion plays in brand choice. There are five ways in which emotion attaches itself to brands, not one as is often supposed. Our MarketRESETTMbranding system employs these five ways thus permitting the full capture a brand’s emotional dimensionality.

Several years ago we launched the LifeVIEWSTM defining values system. This system assesses individuals’ values, priorities and trade-offs through its extensive 77 value profile. In the manner of the Schwartz Values System validated in 80 countries around the world, LifeVIEWS’TM emphasis is on the measurement of values rankings rather than on absolute measures. Again like the Schwartz system, it is perhaps unique in capturing identity-defining values, those values which are most important in people’s lives.


If you have a strategic issue or problem that requires a creative and experienced touch, you should talk to us. At least half of our work involves custom-designed research tailored to individualized needs. You should take advantage of our experience in designing hundreds of studies -- often involving complex designs and advanced analytical techniques and modeling -- to help you reset your marketing thinking and take your customer understanding to a whole new level.