Integrated Approach

Hay Research International is a full-service research company, offering full consulting, tabulation and field services. HRI’s field, data and consulting teams are fully integrated, meaning our consulting staff works hand-in-hand with our field and data staff to manage all aspects of each project.

This integration benefits our clients in many ways. The close working relationship between the consulting team and our data and tab team gives us unparalleled analytic freedom. A cross-tab or correlation analysis can be ordered with just a stroll down the hall, instead of a formal work order to another department or outside supplier. More complex analytics are available as well, and consultant and statistician work together to ensure the analysis is both statistically rigorous and optimal for the task at hand.

Our integrated approach pays dividends in data quality as well. By working hand-in-hand with field staff, our consultants have developed extensive experience fielding surveys across a range of methodologies. This enables them to understand not only which questions to ask but how best to ask them to ensure we obtain the most accurate responses and the highest quality data. Similarly, the same consultants who work with a client to design a study also work with our field staff to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during fieldwork, ensuring that any solutions we may recommend take into consideration both field best practices and the client’s specific priorities.

For more information about our field and tab arm, National Response, click here.